Over 1,500 green cars sold in Romania January into August


The number of green (hybrid and electric) new vehicles sold in Romania January into August reached 1,518 units, up by 161 pct as compared to the same period of 2016, the official data released by the Automobiles’ Importers and Producers’ Association (APIA).

Among this figure, registered were 184 fully electric cars, their number being more than double against the first eight months of 2016, when only 67 units were sold.

 According to the statistical figures, from January to August 2017, the ecological automobiles’ weight in total sales at national level was 1.9 pct, whilst the hybrid vehicles’ sales increased by 160 pct.

In the ranking of the most traded 100 pct electric automobiles, January through August tops BMW, with 55 units, seconded by Mercedes-Benz (45 units), followed by Renault (20 units), Mitsubishi and Volkswagen (16 units each), Audi (11 units), Porsche and Volvo (6 units each).

The most traded hybrid automobiles January into August 2017 were Toyota (1,019 units), followed by Lexus (88 units), Kia (9 units), Hyundai (3 units) and Mercedes-Benz (2 units).

Statistical data say that in 2016 the number of new hybrid and electric automobiles traded in Romania parked at 1,195 units, up by 205 pct against 2015.


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